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How to flip a Tank

Tank at Van Reenen pass on Friday 20th June 2014, South Africa

How the hell do you manage to lose a tank from a vehicle when it should only be doing a crawl speed? This is by the

Wig Wam Motel on a flat section of road. Thank goodness it wasn’t going down a steep hill and could have rolled down

the road into traffic.  

An Interesting fact emerged later! 

Apparently the driver was a young black female trainee (combination unit was 105 tonnes) 

The rig went through the arrester bed, and over the end and did a 360 turn – that’s when ​the ​Oliphant tank decided

to dismount and roll down onto the up lane and block the main highway!!!!

A military gun carrier lost his load on Van Reenen's pass on the down lane.

The load - an Olifant tank, ended upside down down the bank closing the Northern up lane to all traffic. According to

the driver the brakes on the truck failed and she had to run into the arrestor bed across the road from the motel

nearby. The result - the tank finished upside down on the N3 up lane blocking the road. 

The military could not recover it so a private towing company was called in on Saturday to remove the tank from the

road. (Sunday) and voila............Olifant tank still on the side of the road all buggered up. Stopped to take some photos

and got chased by the military. They were obviously very embarrassed ... Chuckle..